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How to Make Education Process Attractive to the Teenagers of the 21st Century”

Teacher’s evaluation sheet

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Career Education

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Please, answer the following questions, giving detailed answers

Did I modify the original activity in order to make it more suitable to my needs? If so, what changes did I introduce?

I modified the tasks according to the fact that our students have to find companies or shops for their one week internship next January.

Brainstorming: As an incentive for the brainstorming I used a picture that was a collage of different jobs. It made the students name different kinds of jobs.

Team work: Then they sat in groups of four students each.

First the groups talked about the characteristics and requirements of different jobs and gave each other ideas about what kind of job might suit each member of the group and whom each student could ask or contact in order to get a job for an internship (friends, relatives, shops, other students who did a similar internship etc.)

Then, with advice from the other group members, each student had to fill in his own “to do list”, containing his own individual steps towards an internship.

Presentation:At last, all students had to present their list of steps to the class.

From now on, once every week every student has to report on what steps he has already taken until he has actually found a place for an internship.

Evaluation:At last, the students gave each other feedback for the way they had been given advice and support

as well as on the method used in this lesson in order to find a place for an internship.

Did I find it suitable for my class? Why/Why not?

Yes, it was suitable.

It helped students to establish a step by step procedure in order to find a place where they will be able to serve their internships.

It helps us teachers to get an overview on the students’ different stages on their way towards an internship.




Was it innovative with respect to my usual approach?

The teamwork approach to finding a suitable job and the focus on the question “Who can I ask or contact next” was helpful.






Did it produce the expected results on students?

Yes, because we can now observe the steps the students are taking.

We can remind them of what they are supposed to do next and encourage them to take the next step, even after a failure.





Did I feel comfortable with what I was doing?

I felt very comfortable because I could walk from team to team and provide help and ideas if necessary, but most of the time the students worked independently.